A unique perspective of your property

With aerial photography or videography you can get a unique perspective of your property that was until recently impossible. Capturing the surrounding location of the property with aerial shots is an invaluable asset to potential buyers.


provide a completely different perspective on properties offered for sale and they fulfil the highly desirable objective of making homes stand out from the competition on the portals and in other advertising

professionally produced video

professionally produced video showing the area in which the property is situated?This service is ideal for any property – commercial, residential or even holiday homes anywhere in the U.K.

3D Model for integration into CAD using photogrammetry

Building planning is easier with a 3D Model. We can produce a 3D model to aid planning and application. The model below is at a resolution of 2 cm Per Pixel. Panorama pictures have a resolution of 20, 000 x 7, 000 pixells.

Photogrammetry Model

20,000 pixell width high resolution 180 degree

High resolution images taken on a Hasselblad camera.

Photogrammetry Model

3D model from photographs

Model showing camera positions from pre loaded map into the drone.

High Resolution

Full 3D model for intergration into CAD


Digital elevation model to go with the 3D model

Elevation Map

Maximise Your Property Viewings

Some times you have got to show the surroundings to fully appreciate the property location

Pomroy Estates

Increase House Viewings & Get More Clients.

Quality video increases client interaction and time on your web page. 360 degree virtual Aerial Photography increases client interaction with in the web page.
The greater quality video and media content you can use in your real estate marketing, the easier it will be to grow your followers and increase engagement with what you do. Leading to both more sales and more sellers.

Aerial photography adds another element to help potential buyers get to know a property before they book a viewing. The more detail you can give, the better suited a viewer will be when they see a property in the flesh.Ultimately, better-suited buyers mean a quicker sale.

As an estate agent, you can guarantee if you offer quality aerial photography as part of your marketing mix then you will increase the number of people who want to sell with you. Putting your home on the market is a serious life move, and the majority of sellers have not taken the choice lightly. The faster they can sell the better, and aerial photography clearly boosts the likelihood people will take an interest and book a viewing of their home.

Tuckers Maltings.

How else could you show such a large building in one shot?

Complete Coverage with Aerial and Static ground photography and video in one place

We have been professional photographer for over twenty years. Our wealth of experience means we can cover all of your ground based photography both externally and internally in a one stop solution. As experienced property photographers we understand the need for a fast turn around, We will have the photographs to you edited in less than 24 hours. Home staging is an important aspect before the photography, we take time to arrange the shoot. We will remove unsightly objects before the photographs take place and return them at the end.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) internal photography for marketing.

It is ever important to encourage people looking online to click on your property and it is the pictures that are going to play a huge part in that first step to viewing your property. Professional pictures encourage buyers to do just that.

photos can highlight the upgrades and unique details that are available in the home, helping to justify the higher price point

Photographs are likely to be one of the key things that stick in their mind. So make sure the pictures that stick in their minds are great pictures and not poor ones.

We will create a solid portfolio of pictures that will really help to sell your home and make sure the enquiries come in.

hen your listing is noticed more often, then it means that more potential buyers are taking a closer look at the property details in order to determine if it is the right match that they are looking for

This photograph was created by taking 21 photographs that were stitched together. This creates a wide panorama in High Dynamic Range.

360 Virtual Tours from 400 Feet Up

360 VR Images Now Available: Watch in full screen mode and move around with your mouse

More to See – Virtual Tour images show the whole environment in 360 degrees

Full 360º virtual tours offer your web visitors unparalleled access to your location or business without ever leaving your website whilst boosting your web visitor retention and sales or bookings. Known as sticky content, virtual tours are proved to keep potential customers longer on your website allowing them to interact with your products or services with just a click of a mouse. These tours are created by a state of the art Unnamed Aerial System (UAS). The UAS is pre-programmed with an up loaded map to its memory. The UAV then flies into position and takes a series of 30+ photographs. these are then stitched together in a program to create a fully integrated virtual tour.

Having Trouble Selling Your Property?

Because more and more people are searching for properties online before they even step into an estate agents office, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house.

A good photograph of a property will catch the eye of house-hunters instantly

A good photograph of a property will catch the eye of house-hunters instantly, whereas poorly lit, wonky pictures are off-putting and relegate a property to the ‘to look at later’ list. Here at Ewins Aerial Photography not only can we photograph your property from the air to show the beauty of the surrounding and views but also the interior. We use the latest cameras and multiple flashes to light up the dark corners of a property. Multiple photographs are stitched together to give a panorama of your rooms to show it to its full potential. We can even offer a full dedicated web page showing your property using large full size photographs. Hiring a professional is very cost effective. They are not expensive and can make the difference between the house selling/renting quickly or not. If you’re thinking of renting your property, then with a one-time investment in professional photographs, you can re-use them each time you come to let the property

An aerial Photograph for your home

How about a commissioned Aerial photograph of your house and garden? The photograph is taken by a CAA licensed and insured operator using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). We will come to your house and take the photographs; with a live video feed to the ground you can even have a live view of your house from the air. After this we will review the photograph on the iPad and you can choose the one you want. The photograph is then air brushed in Photoshop to remove any unwanted items in the image and colour corrected. The image is then delivered to you within 7 days. The photograph is mounted in a frame of your choice and professionally mounted. We can also provide canvases and other photographic medium to your specification.

Before Editing

After Editing

Awaiting the newly seeded grass to grow and the builders

This newly renovated property was ready to go to go to market. But the owners were awaiting the builders to remove their tools and the newly seeded lawn to grow. This would have added weeks to marketing this property. We were able to show what the property would look like in the coming weeks when the grass had grown and the builders tools were removed. This enabled the agent to get the property on the market much faster increasing the potential for a faster sale. Do not loose out on potential sales, call us now.

How Can You Show The Location Of A Property To Its Full Potential

This video was commissioned to show the location of a property to the beach. By using a series of video and stills to cover the inside and outside of the property we were able to show property to its full potential.

Professional Drone Photography Help Sell Properties Faster

The Aerial video shows a full 360 degrees of the house and surrounding land
We can take the internal photographs and external video to produce a showpiece of the property with a wow factor not available from a ground level video
providing buyers with a perspective of where the property is located within the neighbourhood, proximity to parks, public transport, shops and schools.
Traditional viewings are out the door, says Caroline McGhie - it's all about drones and Skype now (chief property writer for The Sunday Telegraph )
The drone aerials allow you to paint a wider picture, providing buyers with a perspective of where the property is located within the neighbourhood, proximity to parks, public transport, shops and schools.

Camelot Castle

Still taken from a video Over the coast of cornwall

Camelot Castle Cornwall

Camelot Castle Cornwall

Video still

North Cornwall Coats Line

Photogrammetry to create a 3D Model

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