Cost effective aerial building inspections and surveys using video and photography

Building Inspections and Roof Surveys with a Drone

The drone provides a unique perspective for condition surveys, dilapidation and checking the roof and is a cost effective alternative to existing access options, such as scaffolding and cherry pickers.

UAV Drone Survey

Results from these UAV Drone Surveys can be seen live by the engineer. With the full survey on your desk top in under one day.


"Hello Neil, Thank you for your email and for your very rapid posting of the video and screen grabs online. Just to let you know that both Allan and I have viewed all the material and are very impressed with the detail produced. We have also successfully down-loaded the video file to our respective hard drives and I am in the process of down-loading the screen grabs as well. Thank you for your quick response to our survey request." For this survey the client received the results filmed in 4K into the drop box the same day. This job eliminated the need for expensive scaffolding to survey a complex roof layout. The survey was also proof for the warranty of the roof to prove that they had "due Diligence" in respect to the inspection of the roof. Also a permanent record of the condition of the roof and guttering.

Flat roof inspection

Complicated roof structure inspection eliminate the need for expensive scafolding

Leaking Roof

No need for expensive scafolding or cherry picker for an inspection

Cracked tiles

Leaking Roof

This 3 storey block of flats had a leaking roof with difficult access. We were contacted by the letting agent as it was not accessible by an expensive "cherry Picker" due to a narrow alley entrance and the height of the building. Scaffolding was the other alternative which was very costly and time consuming. We were able to survey the whole roof in under half and hour with minimal cost and disruption. A slipped slate and also a cracked slate were identified as potential causes of the leak. The client had the photographs within 4 hours of the survey been completed. We took care of all of the planning, risk assessments and completion of the survey via a clients e-mail who lived 200 miles away and did not even need to be on site. This method of survey saved time, money and disruption to local residents.

Surveys Without Costly Scaffolding

Inspections without the need for expensive scafolding.

Cost effective solutions for inspection work

A roof survey can be undertaken with a simple phone call. We are used by roofing companies, landlords and property owners to instantly asses the condition of your rooftop. Live video feed to the inspector or owner for instant feedback. This method is more affordable than conventional scaffolding or high risk ladder and rope inspection. Drones can access structure that would be impossible to work on due to the fragile nature of the structure.
Aerial surveys can be used to assess the condition of glass roofs, chimneys, dormer windows, storm damage for insurance assessments and other complicated structures.
Due to the zero impact of our surveys there will be no disruption to workflow. The process is quick and you can have the images taken in a format of your choice the same day via an online drop box.

Dormer Inspection

This was used for the roofer to give an accurate estimate of the storm dammage

Roofing Inspections

Part of a fund raising campaign for a new roof

Roofing Inspections

This was completed in less than 30 minutes. The inspector was on site for the anaylysis

Fund Raising

Part of a campaign to raise money for a new roof on an historic building

What is included in the service we provide

• Pre-flight survey and planning
• Civil Aviation permissions where needed
• Full third part liability
• Full risk assessment
• Full equipment to include gyro stabilised gimbal, camera
• All necessary equipment to undertake the task
• All video and photographs taken in on the day

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Internal Inspection On Unsafe Buildings

This building was unsafe to be entered and so a drone was flown inside for inspection