CAA Approved

We have the required permission for aerial work from the Civil Aviation Authority

Fully Insured Five million liability

We are fully acredited and insured.

Fully accredited by EuroUSC

All our aerial photographers are BNUC-S qualified

Police Safer Drones certified

Ewins Aerial has attended the Police Safer Drones Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Ewins Aerial is Fully CIval Aviation Authority licensed,


What is the range you can fly?
CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations states that UAS systems must be flown within ‘visual line of sight’ in the UK. This gives us 500m horizontally and 400ft vertically.

Are you fully insured?
Yes we are fully insured for five million pounds liability

What are your flight times?
Flight times vary depending on the machine and the camera we use. Typically this is around ten minutes per flight and we carry plenty of spare batteries. With plenty of pre-flight planning this is usually more than enough.

Can we fly over water?
Yes we can fly over water but due to the increased risk there may be an increased charge.

What weather conditions can we fly in?
We can fly in winds up to 20mph although we prefer to fly when the winds are lower to ensure the safety. Gusting wind can cause poor quality video and so it is in the best interests of safety and quality to have a good weather window.

Do you need permission to fly?
To operate commercially in the UK you are required by law to be a qualified BNUC-S Pilot and the correct UAV insurance. We are both qualified and full insured. We need is the landowners permission to take-off and land. If we are in restricted air zone we will arrange permission with the CAA.

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